Q. What is the fastest way to get an order processed?

Ans. First and foremost we want to point out that we are a web-based company and it will always be our first priority. Orders that come through on the web are processed as fast as we can and all other functions are secondary. So if you want an order to go out “RIGHT AWAY”, we highly recommend placing your order on the web, then, we’ll try our best to get it deliver fast.

Q. Do I have to register to make a purchase?

Ans. The first time you shop with us, we ask you to register and provide us your personal details so that we can make the in-time delivery at the right address. For all subsequent orders, you just need to login with your correct user name and password in the website and keep adding the desired products to your shopping cart.

Q. Why do I need a password?

Ans. Your password makes it easier to place orders and access personal services within our web boutique. You are free to choose a password of your choice. It is advised not to choose a common password for safety reason.

Q. How To place Bulk Orders?

Ans. For that you can call or email us

Q. How long will it take to receive my order?

Ans. The average time period is as follows- IN INDIA OVERNIGHT- 24 hours, Overseas – 7-10 business days

Q. What happens if I am not home during the delivery day?

Ans. If you are not present at your home at the delivery day, we make you inform through call, email, fax, and all the available medium of communication. Finally, the product is delivered at your desired address from where you can collect your parcel.

Q. Will you share my info?

Ans. NO! There’s no trick language about partners and tactics to mislead you. The answer is just NO!