September 9, 2022 Myths About Erectile Dysfunction

5 Common Myths About Erectile Dysfunction

If you’re not suffering from ED, it’s always tempting to think of your bedroom abilities as the norm. But according to a National Health and Social Life Survey study, only about 60% of men can keep an erection long enough for sexual intercourse. So how can that be when so many men have ED?

You first need to know that ED doesn’t indicate anything wrong with a man in other aspects of his life. It can be completely unrelated to his overall health. While erectile dysfunction is commonly associated with mental and physical health problems, the most common causes are psychological, for which a Tadalista professional is required. Here are some common myths about erectile dysfunction:

Myth 1: ED Means You Are Not Mentally Sound

When talking about erectile dysfunction, many assume that an inability to get an erection means something is wrong with your brain. However, ED can be caused by several factors that do not affect your mental health. For example, there is a correlation between ED and diabetes. When blood sugar levels decrease, it can lead to a man having difficulty getting an erection.

Many people know that behavioral problems can also cause ED. In general, you cannot connect with your partner sexually. While it’s true that some of the reasons for ED have nothing to do with your mental health, it doesn’t mean you are not mentally sound when you have erectile dysfunction.

Myth2: ED is a Symptom of Aging

Another stereotypical belief about ED is that it’s a normal part of aging. As you get older, especially past 50, it can be easy to assume that ED is a normal part of aging accidentally. However, while ED can be a natural part of the aging process in some cases, it’s not always the case.

While it’s accurate that older men are more likely to experience ED than younger men, there’s no age at which you should expect to have problems with erections.

Myth 3: If You Have ED, You Shouldn’t Try to Get Treatment

If your doctor has diagnosed you with erectile dysfunction, there’s nothing wrong with seeking treatment with a Tadalista 20 mg tablet. It’s considered an essential part of the ED treatment process. If you are getting erectile dysfunction treatment, your doctor will likely prescribe PDE5 inhibitors. These drugs can be taken orally, administered as a cream or gel, and come in over-the-counter and prescription forms.

But, ED can be something that should be taken seriously. After all, your sexual health is essential to the overall health of your life. When it comes to ED, there are various options for treatment.

Myth4: ED is caused by Stress and Pressure

This is not true at all. While stress can lower your libido and make it more challenging to get an erection, it’s not the cause of erectile dysfunction. The truth is that psychological factors can cause ED. In some cases, men with erectile dysfunction may have PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder] that they haven’t been able to talk to their doctors about.

In other cases, men with ED may have become accustomed to being sexual in ways that are not honest and unhealthy. Sometimes stress can worsen impotence when you’re having difficulty finding an outlet for your anxiety or frustration.

Myth 5: ED is Not That Serious

While it can be guilty to talk about, there’s no reason to think that ED is not severe. When it comes to ED, it’s crucial to remember that there is no standard amount of sexual dysfunction. It doesn’t matter if your friends and family can get erections quickly or not.

The reality is that many different factors can cause erectile dysfunction. Only a trained professional can determine the actual cause and treat it accordingly. Erectile dysfunction can make you feel inadequate, and avoiding the subject puts a strain on your relationship with your partner.


The unfortunate thing about erectile dysfunction is that there’s a lot of misinformation floating around. It can lead to feelings of hopelessness and even depression if you cannot get an erection. While you should still seek treatment, knowing there are many ways to deal with your ED is essential. There’s a lot of support available, so get in touch with your doctor soon and start the treatment process.

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