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Product Code   : MC 8908
Generic Name : Ranitidine
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Manufacture    : Cadila
Presentation    : Tablet
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Aciloc 150 mg is a medicine which reduce reduce acid from the stomach, it is relieves the pain related to heartburn indigestion and acid reflux. it is used to treat reflux disease, heart burn , indigestion, stomach ulcer and some rare conditions. this medication should be used as per doctor’s recommendations.

If you are going through ulcer problem the you should use Aciloc 150 mg for longer period of time. you can continue taking this medicine as per you need or as per the doctor’s recommendation.

Major & Minor Side effect: This medication do not have any serious side effect, but there are some common side effect are following;

  • Constipation
  • headache
  • Nausea / vomitting
  • dizziness

if you are having these side effects, you don’t need to worry, once you stop taking this medication, you will get relief from these side effects.  there is no any serious side effect from aciloc 150 mg that need medical attention.

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