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About Glucobay 50 mg:

Glucobay 50 mg belong to the class of drugs known as Anti-Diabetic, which is used primarily to manage and treat diabetes type 2 particularly in people whose blood sugar levels are high and are not controlled through exercise and diet. The condition is known as type 2 diabetes. It’s a disease that develops when there’s an insufficient amount of insulin or insulin is not utilized properly by cells in our body to lower blood glucose levels. This is the most frequent type of diabetes , accounting for approximately 80-90% of all cases of diabetes that are typically seen for middle-aged adults. This is why it is referred to”adult-onset diabetes” or “non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM).

Glucobay 50 mg must be taken exactly as recommended by your physician/doctor. You should take it every day at the same time each day to ensure the level of this medication within your body. Don’t miss dosages or cease treatment since it can result in an increase in your blood sugar levels.


How Glucobay 50 mg works ?

Glucobay 50 mg is an Anti-Diabetic drug. It blocks intestinal enzymes that are responsible for breaking down complex sugars down into simpler sugars like glucose. Glucobay 50 mg medication stops the blood sugar levels from becoming extremely high right after eating.


Use of Glucobay 50 mg:

  • Treatment of Type II Diabetes Mellitus


Side effects of Glucobay 50 mg:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Gas
  • Vomiting
  • Indigestion
  • Skin rash

These are common side effects of Glucobay 50 mg and most side effects don’t require any medical attention, and fade as the body adapts the Glucobay 50 mg medication. Talk to your doctor/physician if these kind of symptoms persist for longer period of time or you’re concerned about them.


How to use Glucobay 50 mg ?

Take Glucobay 50 mg along with meals or as recommended by your doctor/physician. Take a tablet of Glucobay 50 mg with a glass of water. Don’t break, crush or chew the Glucobay 50 mg tablet.


Important Instruction:

  • Kindly take Glucobay 50 mg prior to eating.
  • Be sure to not take more than the dose as prescribed by physician/doctor as it could increase the chance of experiencing side consequences. Use this medication for the dose and duration recommended by the doctor/physician.
  • Your physician/doctor may recommend regular surveillance for your sugar level to ensure whether your diabetes is under control.
  • Kindly make regular follow-up appointments with your doctor/physician to ensure that your doctor can assess the condition of your body. Make sure you eat a balanced diet and exercise routine to maximize the benefits of the treatment.




  • Glucobay 50 mg medication is recommended for pregnant women in cases where it can be beneficial over the risks. Talk to your doctor or physician ahead of taking Glucobay 50 mg medication.


  • Speak to your physician/doctoral prior to take Glucobay 50 mg medication .


  • If you have had a history of or indication of kidney related illnesses, you should talk to your physician/doctor prior to start taking Glucobay 50 mg any medications.


  • Glucobay 50 mg is likely to cause harm to those suffering from liver disease that is reason why it shouldn’t be used in patients suffering from liver disease. It is suggested to consult with your doctor or physician prior to taking Glucobay 50 mg medication.


Diet & Lifestyle Advice:

  • It is important that you fill your half plate with starchy veggies and one quarter of protein and one quarter of whole grains.
  • Eat at regular intervals. Avoid long time between meals, or snacks.
  • Do not be anxious because it may raise level of blood sugar.
  • Replace refined carbohydrates-containing foods with whole grain foods and increase the intake of fruits and veggies and other fibre-enriched foods.
  • At the very least 150 minutes moderately intense physical exercise or 20 minutes of intense exercise every week.
  • Make sure you check your blood sugar levels frequently especially if you have frequent fluctuations
  • Reduce the consumption of saturated fats from snacks such as biscuits, chips and crisps and also in Samosas, pastries and cakes. Utilize omega-3 rich fatty acids-rich oils to cook during the daytime. For cooking, use a mixture of groundnut oil, mustard oil rice bran oil as well as Safflower oil.
  • Begin to reduce weight gradually until you have reached the ideal body mass(BMI).
  • Keep your blood pressure within that normal level (140/90) whenever it is feasible. Because it reduces the risk of developing heart diabetes in diabetics.
  • Choose dairy products which contain low levels of fat (low-fat yogurt, fat-free milk, etc.).

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