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Brand Name    : Seaweed Eye Gel
Manufacture    : Biotique
Presentation    : Cream
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About Seaweed Eye Gel:

Seaweed Eye Gel is an Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel that can be used to minimize the appearance of puffiness under the eyes, dark circles and other puffiness caused by excessive stress or sleeplessness. It is also effective to eliminate dark circles. It’s rich in Chinai Ghas, Punarnava, Bahera, Badam, Jaiphal, Kheera, Madhu Honey as well as other nutritive components which aid in refreshing the eye area.

It is suitable for women and men. It also has extracts of the seaweed and nutmeg that soothes skin. It is possible to purchase Seaweed Eye Gel 25 grams online to enjoy all of these benefits and not have to sacrifice your personal comfort.

Benefits of Seaweed Eye Gel:

Seaweed Eye Gel, it’s an anti-fatigue eye gel and this refreshing eye gel helps reduce and stops the signs of puffiness, stress and dark circles under the eyes.


How to Seaweed Eye Gel ?

Gently rub the Seaweed Eye Gel under eyes area in the morning and at night. this eye gel is only for external use.

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